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Welcome to Bonito Beach Resort
Looking for the ultimate beach getaway? Find that perfect stretch of beach and blue water where you can cast all your cares away. Let the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves caressing the shores lull you to sleep under the warm sunshine on the beach nestled at your doorstep.
Escape to Bonito Beach Resort & Hotel
Discover a true gateway to paradise... Bonito Beach Resort & Hotel...
A masterpiece on the water, featuring breathtaking views of South China Sea and the majestic Zambales Mountain ranges.
Welcome to Bonito Beach Resort & Hotel.  Escape to an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. 
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We offer affordable and spacious accommodations for families, perfect even for the budget-minded.
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Our guests can enjoy all facilities, amenities and dining delights of the resort in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. 
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Host effortlessly. Bonito Beach Resort is the perfect venue for a truly unforgettable beach special event.
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